Stephan Hürlemann

He was Hannes Wettstein’s partner and after Wettsein’s death (2008) the brain and chief creative director of the renowned Studio Hannes Wettstein. Since 2016 the company bears his name: Hürlemann. The ETH-trained architect is today among the most sought-after designers in Switzerland. At his Zurich agency he develops with his team furnishings and products as well as architectural projects, interior environments and scenography for international clients. Stephan Hürlemann is driven by the impulse to recognise and meet our everyday needs with innovative concepts and a clear formal language that will stand the test of time. CV


Whether Stephan Hürlemann is developing the Master Line Source 2 Loudspeaker or re-inventing cable system lights through Hello, his thinking is that of an architect: an intelligent structure is at the core of his designs. With his furniture and product ideas he responds to everyday needs. His icon chair concept, which brought the classic horgenglarus chair into the current day has to date been sold many thousand times. With his prize-winning pattern concept Formpark for Bauwerk Parkett, Hürlemann created a new trend in the parquet world. And his popular DS-21 sofa collection energised the de Sede brand. Companies such as horgenglarus, de Sede, Belux, Sanitas Trösch, Piega, Glutz, Ruckstuhl, Ventura or Huawai count on his designs. Stephan Hürlemann also works as an external Art Director for companies including Piega, Sky-Frame and horgenglarus. He has juried various international design awards.

«I want to recognise the fresh needs of our time – and meet them with innovative concepts and a clear formal language.»


With his team of architects and interior designers the ETH-trained architect conceives of and plans buildings and spaces. The architecture department at Hürlemann focuses particularly on the rituals of living and working. Here building layouts, spatial and material concepts are tailor-made for identities. Examples of these are the Glaeser Wogg offices in Dättwil or the Froriep head office in Zurich. Hürlemann often works in collaboration with renowned architectural firms as interior architecture specialist. Working with Gigon Guyer, for example, the agency won the design competition for the Prime Tower in Zurich. And with EM2N Stephan Hürlemann and his team are currently redesigning the UBS headquarters on Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich. As Art Director Stephan Hürlemann helps companies find the right spatial expression of their brands.

«A building’s heart beats within. Its inner values make it intelligent, give it identity and generate a feeling of wellbeing.»


Stephan Hürlemann’s brand presentations are highly esteemed and often prize-winning. They enable an emotional experience of a company and its attitudes, values and products. His installations at Designers’ Saturday are legendary – amongst them horgenglarus’ Riesen mit Zwerg and The Wind for Bauwerk Parkett.

«I see the limitation of means as the basis for excellent designs.»


Partners: Stephan Hürlemann, Britta Herold and Barbara Hutter

Chief Designer / Chief Architect: Stephan Hürlemann (dipl. Arch. ETH, SIA)

Managing Director: Britta Herold (Dipl.-Ing. Architekt RWTH / EMBA FH)

Team Managers: Bea Knöpfel (Architecture) and Christoph Goechnahts (Design)

Team: Andrea Frei, Angela Bachmann, Barbara Hutter, Ben Christensen, Elisa Böll, Julia Partenheimer and Wiebke Mennerich.

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