Our agency was founded in 2001 by Hannes Wettstein, one of the most influential Swiss designers. After Wettstein’s death in 2008 his Partner, architect Stephan Hürlemann, continued to lead the company in accordance with Wettstein’s wishes, reinventing it in the years that followed. At first, Studio Hannes Wettstein accommodated several creative workers. As time passed Stephan Hürlemann established himself as the creative head of the agency, which has been called Hürlemann since March 2016.

Hannes Wettstein

  • 1980–2001 Hannes Wettstein works as an independent designer and architect. He is part of the collectives Eclat and 9D Design. From 1991 some of his own designs are produced under the label zed.

zed AG

  • 2001 Hannes Wettstein founds zed AG.
  • 2002 Architect Stephan Hürlemann joins zed AG as business manager.

Hannes Wettstein AG

  • 2006 zed AG is renamed Hannes Wettstein AG.
  • Hannes Wettstein becomes ill; Stephan Hürlemann becomes the driving force within the agency.
  • 2007 Stephan Hürlemann is made shareholder and partner.
  • 2008 Hannes Wettstein dies.
  • Following his friend’s wishes, and with the support of Rebekka Burckhardt Wettstein, Stephan Hürlemann continues to lead the company and reinvents it in the years that follow.

Studio Hannes Wettstein AG

  • 2008 Hannes Wettstein AG becomes Studio Hannes Wettstein AG. The studio accommodates several creative workers. Alongside Stephan Hürlemann the management consists of architect Britta Herold and the designers Simon Husslein and This Weber.
  • 2010 This Weber leaves the firm to start his own agency.
  • 2011 Britta Herold becomes business manager.
  • As well as architecture, Stephan Hürlemann focuses on the design of furnishings and products. The collaborative design team of Stephan Hürlemann and Simon Husslein realise several design projects together.
  • Studio Hannes Wettstein and the Institut gta create the exhibition ‘Hannes Wettstein 1958-2008' at the ETH Zürich. To coincide with this the studio publishes the monography 'Hannes Wettstein - Seeking Archetypes' from Lars Müller Publishers.
  • 2014 Stephan Hürlemann is established as the creative head of the company; Simon Husslein leaves the company.
  • 2015 Management buyout. Britta Herold and Barbara Hutter become shareholders.
  • Part of Hannes Wettstein’s archive is donated to the collection of the Museum für Gestaltung (Design Museum) Zurich.

Hürlemann AG

  • 2016 Studio Hannes Wettstein becomes Hürlemann. Stephan Hürlemann and Britta Herold form the management team.