19 September 2017

Trigon for Ruckstuhl is launched

Stephan Hürlemann has developed the carpet product Trigon for Ruckstuhl’s Rollerwool collection. The tile in the form of a triangle of the same shape enables a multitude of design possibilities that create new spatial concepts. Photo: ©Ruckstuhl

Chair and table parts of horgenglarus' production have been used by Stephan Hürlemann and his team for the installation

29 August 2017

We are looking for you

Hürlemann is currently working on many exciting architectural projects and we need more hardworking talents on deck. Interested? Wenn Du über gute Deutschkenntnisse verfügst:

Zur Verstärkung unseres Teams suchen wir Architekten und Projektleiterinnen, die ein grosses Talent fürs Entwerfen mitbringen und ihre Ideen selbstverständlich und versiert darstellen können – sowohl in Plänen als auch mit Visualisierungen. Wenn Du Dich mit Leidenschaft dem Innern von Gebäuden widmest, wenn Du Lust auf grosse und kleine Projekte hast und diese von der Konzeption bis zur gestalterischen Leitung begleiten möchtest und wenn Dir das Feilen an Details Freude bereitet, dann komm zu uns, bereichere unser Team und perfektioniere Dein Können. Ein sicherer Umgang mit Adobe, Vectorworks und Cinema 4D ist für Dich selbstverständlich. Schicke ein kleines, aussagekräftiges Portfolio mit Arbeitsproben und kurzem Lebenslauf an unsere Teamleiterin Bea Knöpfel: Hürlemann AG, z.Hd. Bea Knöpfel, Seefeldstrasse 303, 8008 Zürich oder auf jobs@huerlemann.com

15 June 2017

Handelszeitung features Stephan Hürlemann

Sven Millischer from «Handelszeitung» talks with Stephan Hürlemann in an interesting interview about brand architecture and the redesign of the UBS headquaters.  Full story

31 May 2017

Bona Lifestyle features Stephan Hürlemann

An interesting report about Stephan Hürlemann and his work. Written by Simone Leitner. Full story

30 May 2017

Fair stand for Peka

At the Interzum Cologne 2017 Peka presented itself with a new fair stand, concepted by Hürlemann. The staging was an unfolding skyline. The concept draws something usually hidden centre stage: Peka’s fittings and products, which are to be found within kitchen units and furniture.

De Sede's DS-21 is a timeless but new, fresh and elegant sofa designed by Stephan Hürlemann.

21 March 2017

de Sede presents DS-22 in Milan

The third de Sede sofa family by Stephan Hürlemann is launched at the Milan Furniture Fair 2017 (3–9 April, Hall 7 / G19 / H28). DS-22 is an extension of the successful DS-21 by Stephan Hürlemann and more specifically to the living area.

16 March 2017

Kreon and Belux introduce Hello in Milan

The new cable system light Hello by Stephan Hürlemann will be presented during the Milan Furniture Fair, from 3–7 April 2017, in the Zona Tortona. Hello will be shown in combination with the installation Hello «Hello» by Stephan Hürlemann, which already fascinated audiences in Switzerland. Kreon’s showroom can be found in the Via V. Forecella 5, Milan.
De Sede DS-77 sofa by Stephan Hürlemann impresses with its clear architecture and modern proportions as well as detailed shape of the feet. Two different sizes guarantee extraordinary seating comfort.

12 January 2017

imm Cologne 2017 is coming

The first furniture fair of the year takes place once again from the 16-22 January. Stephan Hürlemann will be taking part in Cologne with two new works: Following on from DS-21, the most successful de Sede product in many years, the Swiss sofa manufacturer will present DS-77. And we also designed horgenglarus’ fair stand: amongst three re-editions of Hans Bellmann products, there you can meet two of the figures from the «Giants with Dwarf» installation created by Stephan Hürlemann for horgenglarus.

'The Wind' an installation by Stephan Hürlemann. The installation consists of over 300 windmills and a movie projection devoted to a healthy environment which is one of Bauwerk Parkett's core interest.

3 January 2017

The Wind – the video

At Designers’ Saturday 2016 Bauwerk Parkett devoted its stand to the healthy living environments. Bauwerk’s parquet materials create no harm to health whatsoever and contribute to the pleasant atmosphere of a room. This fact Stephan Hürlemann celebrated with his installation «The Wind». The installations’ creation was documented by filmmaker Jela Hasler in a short video. Watch it here.

22 December 2016

Appenzeller Zeitung features «Riesen mit Zwerg»

An interesting report about Stephan Hürlemann and his installation «Riesen mit Zwerg» (Giants with dwarf). Written by Karin Erni. Full story

The installation

6 December 2016

Hello «Hello» – the video

At Designers’ Saturday 2016 Belux turned the focus of their product presentation onto the new cable system light Hello. Their presentation was accompanied by an installation conceived by Stephan Hürlemann. ‘Hello Hello’ celebrates the spiral cables that supply the lights with electricity and lend them their unmistakeable character. The installations’ creation was documented by filmmaker Jela Hasler in a short video. Watch it here.

30 November 2016

«Hello» in the Stuttgart Television Tower

Belux and Kreon invite to a talk about architecture and light in the Stuttgart Television Tower. The new cable system light Hello by Stephan Hürlemann will be at the centre of the discussion. The late-night event takes place on the 7th December 2016 from 9.30pm – 1.30 am. The speakers are Francisco Ferrandiz (owner of the HDPF architectural practice, Zurich), Titus Bernhard (owner of Titus Bernhard Architekten, Augsburg) and Stephan Hürlemann. Anyone who wishes to attend can register here.

14 November 2016

The new UBS is under construction

In 2014 the architectural practice EM2N asked Hürlemann to collaborate on an entry in the international project to redesign the UBS Headquarters in Zurich. The project we developed together won first prize. For two years now Hürlemann has been working in collaboration with EM2N to design the interior of the bank – from the design of the counter hall, to the concept for boardrooms or the materials and furnishing of the public coffee bar. End of 2018 the building renovation should be complete and ready to meet future demands. Movie

Chair and table parts of horgenglarus' production have been used by Stephan Hürlemann and his team for the installation

14 November 2016

Riesen mit Zwerg – the video

“Riesen mit Zwerg” (Giants with Dwarf) is the name of the installation that Stephan Hürlemann developed in the summer/autumn of 2016 for horgenglarus, the oldest chair and table manufacturer in Switzerland. The seven, up to 2.5m tall figures are made of chair and table parts an can be moved by cables. The installation was shown for the first time at Designers’ Saturday 2016, in Langenthal. The creation of the installation was documented by the filmmaker Jela Hasler with a short video. Watch it here.

Chair and table parts of horgenglarus' production have been used by Stephan Hürlemann and his team for the installation

6 November 2016

Smiling faces

We are delighted that our installations ‘Der Wind’ for Bauwerk Parkett, ‘Riesen mit Zwerg’ for horgenglarus and ‘Hello Hello’ for Belux earned the smiles and astonishment of thousands of visitors to Designers’ Saturday 2016.

12 October 2016

Wohnrevue features Hello

An interesting report about Stephan Hürlemann and how he developed the cable lighting system Hello. Written by Katrin Ambühl. Full story

horgenglarus mixes century old experiences in wood bending as well as new CNC technology to produce Klio, a wooden chair designed by Stephan Hürlemann and Simon Husslein.

5 September 2016

8-17th September, horgenglarus Exhibition in Luzern

Furniture specialist Buchwalder-Linder presents the exhibition ‘horgenglarus – die Geschichte hinter dem Design’ (horgenglarus, the history behind the design) in its Mühleplatz 2 branch in Lucerne. At a reception from 5pm on the 9thSeptember Marco Wenger from horgenglarus and Stephan Hürlemann will tell the interesting story of how the klio chair was made. Anyone interested is warmly invited to attend.

30 May 2016

2–25 June, horgenglarus exhibition in Viadukt*3

The exhibition ‘horgenglarus – a myth till today’ takes place at Viadukt*3 from 2-25 June 2016. At the opening Stephan Hürlemann and Marco Wenger, director of horgenglarus, will tell the exciting tale of how klio, the latest wood-framed chair from the Glarus manufacturer, was made. Opening: 2nd June, 6pm.

29 May 2016

Stephan Hürlemann at Designforum Winterthur

1 June | 7.30-8.30 am | Morning forum: ‘Swiss Made’ with Monika Walser from de Sede and Stephan Hürlemann. How does ‘Swiss Made’ design furniture assert itself on the international market? Can today’s top design compensate for the disadvantage of higher prices? On the 1st June Katrin Ambühl, Assistant Editor at Wohnrevue and co-founder of Designgut, talks with de Sede CEO Monika Walser and Stephan Hürlemann. Followed by coffee, juice and croissants. Entry is free for members of the Designforum Winterthur, for others 10 chf. Please register at info@designforumwinterthur.ch

De Sede's DS-21 is a timeless but new, fresh and elegant sofa designed by Stephan Hürlemann.

23 May 2016

Special Event for DS-21

Stephan Hürlemann has been invited to present his successful DS-21 sofa family at ‘Wohnen, Möbel & Design’ in Zurich on the 26th May 2016. The public event celebrates the arrival of the soft-furnishing producer de Sede in the retailer at Claridenstrasse 25. The reception takes place from 4-8pm.



9 May 2016

NZZ am Sonntag features Stephan Hürlemann

An interesting report about Stephan Hürlemann and the story of our agency in the Stil magazine from 8 May. Written by David Streiff Corti. Full story


30 April 2016

Another Highlight

We are currently completing the final apartments in the Löwenbräu Black Tower in Zurich – with our tallest crane yet.

Stephan Huerlemann designed the new loudspeaker Master Line Source 2 for Piega in collaboration with Kurt Scheuch.

19 April 2016

Open Days in Horgen

From 16–17 April 2016 Piega invited everyone to vitsit their headquarters in Horgen. Highlight of the event was the release of their new loudspeaker, the Master Line Source 2. The design of this masterpiece has been developed in collaboration with Stephan Hürlemann.

De Sede's DS-21 is a timeless but new, fresh and elegant sofa designed by Stephan Hürlemann.

31 March 2016

DS-21 in Milan

Stephan Hürlemann’s DS-21 sofa family with accompanying coffee tables will be presented at the Milan Furniture Fair. 12-17th April on the stand of the Swiss furniture manufacturer de Sede, Hall 7 / G 19 / H24.

16 March 2016

Studio Hannes Wettstein becomes Hürlemann

Once again our agency has the same name as the creative mind behind it. Our identity is new too. It has been designed by NORM. Gold Interactive programmed the website. We are very grateful to all involved.

2 March 2016

Two product launches at Light + Building

The leading world fair for lighting and building services engineering takes place in Frankfurt from 13-18 March. Stephan Hürlemann will be there with two designs for Belux. 34 years after Belux and designer Hannes Wettstein developed the low-voltage cable system light Metro, Belux now launch the cable system HELLO from Stephan Hürlemann. HELLO works with just one support cable and one spiral cable that supplies the light fitting with electricity. Hürlemann’s second design is the HAKU group of fittings which will find a wide variety of uses in office contexts in particular.

5 January 2016

Presentation at IMM cologne

Stephan Hürlemann has been invited to give a talk on parquet design in an interior context within the framework of IMM cologne. The presentation takes place on the 19 January from 10.30-11am in hall 2.2 / K008.

De Sede's DS-21 is a timeless but new, fresh and elegant sofa designed by Stephan Hürlemann.

4 January 2016

At IMM cologne with four different works

The international interiors fair takes place in Cologne from the 18-24 January 2016. We will take part with four works: Swiss furniture manufacturer de Sede are launching two designs from Stephan Hürlemann in the form of the DS-21 sofa group and an accompanying side-table collection (hall 11.2/J61). Bauwerk Parkett present the new parquet product Formpark Mini (hall 4.2/C1). And, last but not least, we have developed a fair stand for horgenglarus once more this year (hall 3.2/E09–D08). Photo: Martin Grothmaak

27 October 2015

A new home for Hannes Wettstein

After publishing a book in 2011 about Hannes Wettstein, the founder of our company and our colleague, and about his work, we are now able to transfer part of his immense work archive to the Zurich Museum für Gestaltung (Design Museum) collection as a donation. It includes numerous prototypes, sketches and documentation of his work. We are delighted that Hannes’ legacy in the design world has thus found a fitting home.


25 April 2015

Collaboration with Piega

A great honour for Stephan Hürlemann: the Piega Company has appointed him as its art director. The range of products from the acoustic transducer manufacturer on the shore of Lake Zurich extends from hi-fi speakers for newbies to exclusive high-end equipment. Hürlemann, a musician himself, is simply delighted with this new job.


24 April 2015

Gulliver’s Eye in Winterthur

In response to a suggestion from the design laboratory of the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst (Academy of Art and Design), Basel, Stephan Hürlemann and his team took part in a research project that focussed on the innovative lighting system OLED. The outcome is the lamp Gulliver’s Eye, which will be shown together with other OLED designs, prototypes and interactive installations in the exhibition OLED – Licht der Zukunft (OLED – Light of the Future) in the Gewerbemuseum Winterthur from 10 May to 18 October 2015. The opening will take place at 4 pm on Saturday, 9 May.