Sofa family with coffee table

DS-22, 2017

De Sede, Switzerland

DS-22 is an extended version of the DS-21 sofa and was designed by Stephan Hürlemann specifically for the living area. The special thing about this sofa is that it allows a corner situation. This can also be mirrored at any time. As with the DS-21, the individual upholstery elements can be repositioned on the frame. This makes the DS-22 a flexible sofa that can adapt to new room situations, while still retaining its architectural structure.
The DS-22’s design is based on a metal frame on which cuboid upholstery modules are positioned. Due to its tall feet, DS-22 looks like a floating sculpture. The elegant frame seems to effortlessly support the sumptuous elements with their playful cap seams. The 69 cm seat depth, the soft upholstery and loose cushions invite you to sit, lounge and lie and make the DS-22 a place to relax.

Design: Stephan Hürlemann
Photos: de Sede