DS-77, 2017

de Sede, Switzerland

Stephan Hürlemann reintroduced an old familiar sofa type to the modern times. The sofa radiates international serenity through Stephan Hürlemann’s comprehensible architecture and modern proportions. A true novelty is the detailed shape of the feet; four panes that appear to permeate the cubic body of the sofa from below and optically hold together the seat, back, and arm elements. The unique foot adds a distinctive touch to this design.
Extraordinary seating comfort is supported by the slightly reclined seat area. The large seat and back upholstery are filled loosely and thus adapt easily to any desired seating position. The DS-77 sofa is available with either a short or a deep seat area. It serves as a classic sofa for upright sitting postures or as a lounge sofa for casual relaxation. The product family can be complemented with poofs available in two different sizes, which function as either an ottoman or a leg rest.

Design: Stephan Hürlemann

Photos: de Sede and Martin Grothmaak