Fair presentation for imm cologne

Exhibition stand, 2017

horgenglarus, Switzerland

The 2017 stand concept is a continuation of last year’s horgenglarus fair presentation. The light walls in front of which the products were presented have now become narrower and taller, so that the spatial sculpture they form gives a more open and inviting impression. This year once again the materials concept combines raw OSB sheets with precise light surfaces and razor-sharp logos. The diffused illumination of the light walls generates an intimate atmosphere and highlights the physicality of the products. The room brightens and dims alternately, creating a sense of the space breathing. In the middle of the space stand or hang two creatures from Stephan Hürlemann’s installation «Giants with Dwarf». These marionettes built from chair and table parts can be moved by pulleys and invite visitors to the stand to interact with them.

Photos: horgenglarus