Installation with 7 figures

Giants with Dwarf, 2016

horgenglarus, Switzerland

“Giants with Dwarf“ (Riesen mit Zwerg) is the name of the installation developed by Stephan Hürlemann for horgenglarus, the oldest wooden chair and table manufacturer in Switzerland. Seven wooden figures, up to three metres tall, are conjured out of chair and table parts from horgenglarus’ design archive, which goes back more than a hundred years. Among these are products such as classic, miro, moser, select, lyra, and others. Hürlemann and his team left all the parts in the condition in which they found them and merely drilled holes so that they could be connected with cable ties (though the monkey’s tooth was glued on). Individual limbs of the figures can be moved by pulleys, thus bringing the panda, the tired warrior, the bee, monkey, pink panther, duck and dwarf to life.

The installation was presented at Designers’ Saturday in Langenthal, Switzerland,  for the first time.

«Giants with Dwarf by Stephan Hürlemann» will be presented by horgenglarus at Milan Design Week 2018. 17 – 22 April, Ventura Centrale, Via Ferrante Aporti 9. 

Photos: Stefan Altenburger

Tired Warrior' arm can be moved with a cable pull.

Monkey's mouth can be moved with a cable pull.

In the figure «Duck» the wings can be moved by cable pull.

In the figure «Panda» the eyebrows move by cable pull.

The figure «Pink Panther» moves the torso by cable pull.

The figure «Bee» extends its stinger by cable pull.

The «Dwarf» of the installation Giant with Dwarf by Stephan Hürlemann.

Dwarf's hat can be lifted with a cable pull.

Stephan Hürlemann with his figure «Pink Panther».

Figure «Bee», with designer Stephan Hürlemann (below) and photographer Stefan Altenburger.