Lighting system

Hello, 2016

Belux, Switzerland

Over 30 years ago, Belux launched a global innovation: Metro, designed by Hannes Wettstein, consisted luminaries fastened a double cable system that could be positioned flexibly. Today Belux presents a new generation of the cable system with the innovative Hello, designed by Stephan Hürlemann. Thanks to technical innovations, Hello requires only one carrier cable and even has two different LED lighting elements. “I realised that a cable lighting system can only be reduced to a single tension cable in a structurally clean manner by separating the static elements from the power line. On the phone one day, looking at the coiled cable of my telephone, I found the formal solution for that” says architect and designer Stephan Hürlemann. Hannes Wettstein’s former business partner thus provided the idea and the solution: the current for Hello is fed from luminaire to luminaire with the help of a coiled cable wound around the carrier cable; this way, the second carrier cable can be dispensed with. With this principle, luminaries can also be subsequently added or removed and the system still remains extremely flexible after installation.

Video: Hürlemann presents Hello

Design: Stephan Hürlemann

Photos: Belux