Loft apartment in the Löwenbräu Black, 2016

PSP Swiss Property, Switzerland

2015–2016 Hürlemann designed the interior fit-out of two then unsold apartments inside the Löwenbräu Black building. For this an entirely new structure had to be worked into the already completed building material. After Hürlemann devised layouts for both two-storey loft apartments one was sold and the purchaser completed her own interior. The «New York» apartment, on the other hand, was entirely designed by Hürlemann – from the layout to cabinetmaking and material finishes. What emerged is a spatial sculpture that progresses as a loop on the lower floor. The arrangement of rooms generates the degree of privacy necessary in each zone. The areas can also be subdivided using sliding doors. The interior was designed in such a way that nothing distracts from the breathtaking view; the black kitchen, for example, does not reflect in the windows. The interior architecture is deliberately restrained so that the individual resident’s use of the spaces will bring them to life.

Photos: Beat Bühler and Martin Grothmaak