Installation at Designers’ Saturday 2016

Riesen mit Zwerg, 2016

horgenglarus, Switzerland

horgenglarus’ presentation at Designers’ Saturday 2016 conceived by Stephan Hürlemann is dedicated to Hans Bellmann (1911-1990). Switzerland’s oldest table and chair manufacturer closely collaborated with the Swiss designer Bellmann for a long time and produced many of his creations; on the occasion of DS’ 2016 Horgenglarus launched three re-editions of Bellmann products.

The seven figures in the installation “Riesen mit Zwerg” (Giants with Dwarf) were built by Stephan Hürlemann and his team using chair and table parts. All the components originated in horgenglarus’ parts archive – among them, for example, the back legs with backrest from Max Bill’s “dreibeinstuhl”. They maintained their original state for the installation, with just small holes made so that the elements could be linked with cable ties. Unique body parts of the figures can be moved using cables. Hürlemann sees his figures as an homage to the marionettes created by the Staatliches Bauhaus art school, where Hans Bellmann studied from 1931-33.

The figures’ creation was documented by filmmaker Jela Hasler in a short video.

Video Stills: Jela Hasler
Photos: Roth-Schmid fotografie
Photo in Glarus: Hürlemann


Hürlemann builds the dwarf in Glarus.