Sofa family with coffee table

DS-22, 2017

De Sede, Switzerland

DS-22 is an extended version of the DS-21 sofa and was designed by Stephan Hürlemann specifically for the living area. The special thing about this sofa is that it enables a corner situation that can be mirrored at any time. As with the DS-21, the individual upholstery elements can be repositioned on the frame. This makes the DS-22 a flexible sofa that can adapt to new room situations while still retaining its architectural structure. The DS-22’s elegant metal frame stands on tall feet, so the sofa looks like a floating sculpture, the frame effortlessly lifting the voluminous elements with their playful cap seams. A 69-cm seat depth, soft upholstery and loose cushions invite you to sit, lounge and lie, and make the DS-22 a place to relax.

Design: Stephan Hürlemann
Photos: de Sede