Installation with 7 figures

Figures of «Giants with Dwarf», 2016

horgenglarus, Switzerland

Giants with Dwarf is the name of the installation that Stephan Hürlemann developed for horgenglarus in 2016.  The installation consists of seven figures: a bee (34 parts), duck (35 parts), dwarf (35 parts), monkey (33 parts), panda (35 parts), Pink Panther (39 parts) and tired warrior (51 parts). Hürlemann and his team assembled the figures, up to three metres tall, from table and chair parts from the Glarus-based manufacturer’s parts archive that is over one hundred years old. These include elements of popular chair models like the classic (1918), select (1934) and klio (2014). The parts were left in the condition in which they were found and only had holes drilled into them and were connected with cable ties (only the monkey’s teeth were glued on). Individual body parts of the figures can be moved with control wires. The installation was presented for the first time at Designers’ Saturday 2016 in Switzerland to relaunch the Hans Bellmann collection. In 2018 it was presented to an international audience during the Milano Designweek at Fuorisalone.

Design: Stephan Hürlemann

Award: Milano Design Award 2018

Photos: Stefan Altenburger

Tired Warrior' arm can be moved with a cable pull.

Monkey's mouth can be moved with a cable pull.

In the figure «Duck» the wings can be moved by cable pull.

In the figure «Panda» the eyebrows move by cable pull.

The figure «Pink Panther» moves the torso by cable pull.

The figure «Bee» extends its stinger by cable pull.

The «Dwarf» of the installation Giant with Dwarf by Stephan Hürlemann.

Dwarf's hat can be lifted with a cable pull.

Stephan Hürlemann with his figure «Pink Panther».

Figure «Bee», with designer Stephan Hürlemann (below) and photographer Stefan Altenburger.