«A Piece of Sky» in London, 2018

Sky-Frame, Switzerland

Stephan Hürlemann created an installation for Sky-Frame which offers an exceptional brand experience. For this purpose, he added a new dimension to the claim of the world’s leading producer of frameless window systems – It’s a view, not a window. «With A Piece of Sky, Sky-Frame delivers the beautiful view on our world for once from the perspective of outer space», says Stephan Hürlemann. The installation premiered at Clerkenwell Design Week in London in May 2018. It consists of a hexagonal funnel, more than head height, finished with a translucent surface on its tapering side. From the outside, this surface is illuminated with spots which change colour in tune with a preset choreography. Since the funnel’s inner walls are mirrored, they produce the image of a giant sphere or ball, alternately glowing in white, blue, orange, red or pink and flashing in white. Upon entering the installation, visitors get the impression of looking down on earth from outer space. The experience is enhanced by a sound concept: The installation’s inside is buzzing with the sound of earth’s rotation recorded by NASA, causing the room to vibrate. At the touch of a button, quotations from astronauts can be played, in which they express the sensation they get by looking at planet earth from outer space.

Watch the video of «A Piece of Sky» in London.

Pictures: Mark Cocksedge and Hürlemann